How do you know if your clock spring may need replacement?

Some of the symptoms of a faulty clock spring and airbag spiral cable are:

  • If the horn is not working.
  • When the buttons on your steering wheel are not working.
  • If the airbag warning light is on.
  • If, when you turn your steering wheel, you hear unusual noises.

Please note that the unit may have one or several faults mentioned above.

What is a clock spring?

  • It consists of a coil of flat wires. 
  • One can find it between the steering wheel airbag and the hooter. 
  • The steering wheel allows the driver to turn the vehicle and facilitates electrical connections between its components.

Why would an airbag spiral cable fail?

  • Usually, it is a result of wear and tear on the spiral cable wires from continuous steering wheel movement.

Can I replace the clock spring on my own?

  • A trained technician should generally be used to replace an airbag spiral cable as it involves removing the steering wheel and airbag.
  • It can be replaced independently as long as you have the necessary knowledge and the correct tools.

Can an airbag spiral cable be repaired?

  • For safety, the industry standard is to replace spiral cables and not to repair them.
  • In addition, replacing an item ensures that it meets the safety and performance standards.
  • Clock springs, like airbags and horns, are crucial safety components. Unfortunately, we do not offer repair services for airbag spiral cables.

How to replace a clock spring?

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